Brownsville Area Revitalization Corporation (BARC) was established in 1989 as a 501c3 non-profit community development corporation (CDC) serving the Brownsville Borough and its neighboring communities in Southwestern PA. BARC’s offices located in the Historic Flatiron Building, 69 Market Street are part of Brownsville’s Downtown Commercial Historic District. The Flatiron Building faces the National Road Heritage Corridor (old US Route 40) and is located along the Monongahela River on the west side. In addition to the BARC offices, the Flatiron building houses two museums; the Heritage Center and the Frank L. Melega Art Museum as well as commercial and residential tenants to sustain the building.
BARC has worked to improve Brownsville’s economy by restoring buildings and bringing commercial and residential tenants to the community.
BARC’s mission is to achieve economic development through historic preservation, heritage tourism, outdoor recreation, community stewardship, education, youth advancement and the arts.


BARC’s goal is to assist the revitalization of the town through renovations of historic properties and encouraging commercial and residential tenants to the downtown. 

BARC raises funds for projects and administration through its annual membership program, which is supported by current and former Brownsville residents. BARC’s fundraising events and rental income dedicated toward the fulfillment of BARC’s mission to help bring life back to the town of Brownsville. BARC has acquired abandoned and blighted properties mostly through donations and low cost acquisition. The efforts are focused on renovating the properties through grants and fundraising efforts to bring commercial and residential tenants to the downtown. BARC is committed to renovating and turning the blighted properties into aesthetically pleasing structures that will contribute to the rebirth of Brownsville’s urban core.


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